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New team. New challenges. Same Jesus

After another crazy summer full of transitions, we’re settling into the fall of the year here in Kaiserslautern. In our last newsletter, I wrote about the buzzing atmosphere in and around the Elim-Zentrum, where we live and work. We had two married couples from Iran living in the center waiting on immigration paperwork. They pitched in everywhere they could and were a gigantic help around the house and yard. We spent a lot of time with them making modifications to the building, drinking tea in the evenings, and trying to read the Bible and discuss the impact Jesus has had on our lives. I learned a lot from them and they have all become cherished friends. The thought regularly comes to my mind that, Americans and Iranians can easily become family because of Christ. We are both focused on him and his Kingdom. We’re glad that there are four new couples coming to Sunday worship meetings. It adds to the diversity among us.
About the time both couple moved out in late summer, we welcomed a…

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